Liquid Epicatechin (battlecat)(60 day cycle!)

Liquid Epicatechin (battlecat)(60 day cycle!)


▪ Powerful workouts
▪ Muscle Mass
▪ Non Liver Toxic

Battle Cat is a plant-based muscle building formula that is safe for both men and women. It works by suppressing myostatin in the body, a compound that inhibits muscle growth. Battle Cat allows users to push behind their genetic limits and build muscle as they desire.

Instructions: Each full oral syringe will contain 1 mL. Take 1 full oral syringe in the morning, and 1 full oral syringe at night. A bottle contains 60 mL and will last 30 days.

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High Power Muscle Building, for Men & Women

Battle Cat is a high-strength muscle building formula that is safe for women. It contains Epicatchin, a powerful myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a protein in the body that inhibits muscle growth. Once the effects of myostatin are blocked through the effects of Epicatchin, it is possible for athletes to build significant muscle mass.

Because myostatin in individuals varies due to genetics, some individuals may be more limited genetically than others. Battle Cat allows athletes to push beyond these limits and realize their true UnNatural potential. Battle Cat has the benefit of powerful muscle building while also being non-liver toxic.

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