BCAA’s – Recharge

BCAA’s – Recharge


■   Essential amino acid delivery
■   Muscle Recovery
■   Energy and Focus

BCAA stands for Branched-chain amino acids: which prevent fatigue and improve concentration, reduce protein and muscle breakdown during and after an intense exercise. Supplementing with BCAA Post Workout can assist in lean muscle growth, with fast recovery and minimum muscle loss.

Instructions: Take 1-2 scoops after working out.

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■   Shatter Plateaus
■   Increase Recovery
■   Increase Muscle Mass

Arachidonic acid (ARA) is the primary fatty acid that is widely used to stimulate extra inflammation, forcing muscles to grow. It increases the production of eicosanoids, which leads to increased inflammation (soreness), which plays a very important role in recovery and growth. Remember, in order to experience ARA’s full potential, it is important to train hard and heavy.

Instructions: As a dietary supplement take 3 (three) capsule a day prior to training. Do not exceed 3 (three) capsules in a 24-hour period.

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PumpM8 Non Stimulant Pre-workout / INTRA

Have you tried PUMPm8?  Our ALL in one Pre-Workout, Pump & Recovery (pronounced PUMP MATE) like its your friend in the gym  Guaranteed the best formula in the game and can be stacked with Trenrage, which is our stimulant Pre-wprkout

PUMPm8  is a caffeine Free Pre-Workout. It hydrates, Pumps, and aids in recovery of your Muscles unlike any other product.

🔍Ingredient Breakdown below.

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