Liquid Glycoslin (60 day supply!)

Liquid Glycoslin (60 day supply!)


▪ Insulin Mimetic
▪ Glucose Disposal
▪ Reduces Carbohydrate and Lipid Absorption
▪ Decreases Calorie Absorption

Glycoslin is a liquid formula that supports healthy insulin function by enhancing metabolism and increasing carbohydrate uptake. It allows starchy foods to divert nutrients to muscle cells in the body instead of fat cells. This means that carbs can be used as muscle fuel and work for you instead of against you.

Instructions: Each full oral syringe will contain 1 mL. Take 15 minutes before a carbohydrate meal, food is important after taking this product in order to avoid a drop in blood sugar. Do not exceed the recommended dose and do not take more than one dose per day.


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Glycoslin will enhance metabolism and increase carbohydrate uptake. It allows athletes to adopt a diet high in carbohydrates, because now these carbohydrates will be be utilized more efficiently by the body as fuel. While using this product, athletes can maximize their gains from foods and benefit from additional carbohydrate intake. In essence, it lets carbohydrates work towards your goals rather than against it.

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