Liquid Arimistane (60 day cycle!)

Liquid Arimistane (60 day cycle!)


▪ Body Fat Reduction
▪ No Estrogen Conversion

What is Andro-Stane™?
Andro-Stane is a cortisol and aromatase inhibitor. Cortisol a stress hormone that can lead to body fat increases and muscle inhibition, andro-stanane counteracts this and allows you to keep hard earned gains. Andro-Stane also binds to the aromatase enzyme and prevents it from converting testosterone to estrogen, leading to increased testosterone levels and prevention of estrogen build-up.

How does it Work?
Arimistane is an aromatase inhibitor. It binds to aromatase in the body and prevents aromatase from converting testosterone to estrogen.

Instructions: A full oral syringe will contain 25mg of Andro-Stane. Take one full oral syringe of Andro-Stane a day. A bottle will last 30 days. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

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Andro-Stane FAQ

Q: Is Andro-Stane legal?

A: Andro-Stane is a legal prohormone that can be consumed by bodybuilders. The components can be found in most health and vitamin stores.

Q: What are the uses of Andro-Stane besides building muscle?

A: Andro-Stane is great in a cutting cycle because of its lack of water retention, making gains easier to keep. Andro-Stane also has anti-estrogenic effects and can be stacked with most other supplements.

Q: How long can I cycle Andro-Stane for?

A: 4-8 weeks. When you are done you must take Beast.

Q: Does it require liver support?

A: It is required to take Beast after completing the cycle.

Q: If I want to go back on after completing the 30 day cycle, can I?

A: After you complete Beast post-cycle therapy, you can go back on another cycle.

Q: Can women take the product?

A: No.

Q: Can I expect any side effects?

A: Everybody responds differently according to genetics. Just make sure to take our Beast product which will get your hormones back in balance and help you keep your hard-earned gains.

Q: Which is the strongest ANDRO?


Q: What is the difference between the ANDROs?

1-ANDRO – lean hard gains

4-ANDRO – muscular and strength development

19-NOR-ANDRO – increased strength and accelerated recovery

Q: How old do I have to be to take the ANDROs?

A: You must be at least 18.

Q: Can ANDROs be taken with food?

A: It is best to take them on an empty stomach, after a small meal is fine.



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