Phyto Pro Liquid (60 day cycle!)

Phyto Pro Liquid (60 day cycle!)


▪ All Natural Plant Androgen
▪ Builds Incredible Strength and Size
▪ Safe for Men and Women

Phyto Pro is phytoandrogen, a plant-based substance that acts on androgen receptors in the body. Its benefits include increased skeletal muscle growth, higher bone density, and increased sex drive. It is non-hormone disruptive and non-liver toxic, making it safe for both men and women.

Instruction: Each full oral syringe will contain 1 mL. Take 1 full oral syringe in the morning, and 1 full oral syringe at night. A bottle contains 60 mL and will last 30 days.

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Phyto Pro contains a strong phytoandrogen from the plant Eucommia Ulmoides. Phytoandrogens are a new class of plant based substances that act on the androgen receptors in the body. The bark extract of Eucommia Ulmoides has effects similar to testosterone without the liver toxicity and hormonal disruption. This androgen boosts skeletal muscle development, increases bone density, and elevates sex drive.

While plants with female hormone effects (phytoestrogens) have been thoroughly documented, Eucommia ulmoides is unique because it behaves like a male hormone, acting on the androgen receptors. However, Phyto Pro is safe for women because it is free from the side effects of other anabolic substances.

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