Tren-Setter Stack (60 Day cycle!)

Tren-Setter Stack (60 Day cycle!)

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This stack includes our all new Trenrage pre-workout, formulated with our unique Apple Juice flavor and packed with powerful pump-inducing compounds. Take 1 scoop prior to working out, it is recommended that beginners start with 1/2 of a scoop.

You will receive 2 bottles of 3-Epi-Andro, Beast, and Trenrage.

Liquid 3-EPI-ANDRO contains 100mg of Epiandrostane, this is the best ANDRO for drying out and shedding fat while having no estrogen conversion. Another great benefit is that it reduces inflammation and will enhance your mood. A full oral syringe will contain 150mg of 3-EPI-ANDRO. Take a half oral syringe of 3-EPI-ANDRO in the morning and a half oral syringe of 3-EPI-ANDRO at night. You can use 3-EPI-ANDRO for 4-8 weeks, afterward, you must use Beast for 1 month before starting 3-EPI-ANDRO use again. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

Beast will keep your hormone levels up after your 3-EPI-ANDRO cycle. Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night for 1 month following your 4 week ANDRO cycle.


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The all new Unnaturals Labs pre-workout with our unique Apple Juice flavor. Trenrage is formulated for maximum pumps and energy. Maintain focus in the gym, blast through training, and achieve all of your heavy lifting goals. While competing pre-workout products fall short with 20-25 servings, Trenrage is packed with 30 full servings so you can maximize your training potential throughout the month.


Beast helps restore the body’s hormones after an anabolic cycle is completed.  After your cycle has ended, your body needs help to restore its balance.  Beast helps get hormone levels back to normal and also helps you preserve all those hard earned gains while not harming the body.

Beast is essential after an anabolic supplement cycle; it helps to restart the body’s natural production of testosterone and contains antioxidant that enhance liver health. Provided in easy to swallow capsules.


3-EPI-ANDRO is the best ANDRO for drying out and shedding fat with absolutely no estrogen conversion. Another great benefit is that it reduces inflammation and will enhance your mood.


Q: How long can I cycle 3-EPI for?
A: 4-8 weeks. When you are done you must take Beast.
Q: Does it require liver support?
A: It is required to take Beast after completing the cycle.
Q: If I want to go back on after completing a 30-60 day cycle, can I?
A: After you complete Beast post-cycle therapy, you can go back on another cycle.
Q: Can women take the product?
A: No.
Q: Can I expect any side effects?
A: Everybody responds differently according to genetics. Just make sure to take our Beast product which will get your hormones back in balance and help you keep your hard-earned gains.
Q: Which is the strongest ANDRO?
Q: What is the difference between the ANDROs?
1-ANDRO – lean hard gains
4-ANDRO – muscular and strength development
19-NOR-ANDRO – increased strength and accelerated recovery
Q: How old do I have to be to take the ANDROs?
A: You must be at least 18.
Q: Can ANDROs be taken with food?
A: It is best to take them on an empty stomach, after a small meal is fine.

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Weight 27 oz

Trenrage Skittlez, Trenrage Apple, Trenrage Sour Gummy, 1 Apple 1 Sour Gummy, 1 Apple 1 Skittlez, 1 Skittlez 1 Sour Gummy

4 reviews for Tren-Setter Stack (60 Day cycle!)

  1. H A M O O D

    I got yolked but for some reason my penis has been rock solid for 7 days

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  2. Jimmy

    Oh it works, you will see results very quick, your dick is gonna be in poor condition after though

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  3. Dalvin Martinez (verified owner)

    Definitely kickz in STAY sharp work hard eat right take on empty stomach Trenrage fosho don’t take more than 1/2 scoop till you get used to it.. then HULK SMASH

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  4. darkwarlordkennles (verified owner)

    I have been on this staring my third week and androvar has been melting my fat like crazy recovery time is super fast big time strength gains not had any sides
    Pre workout will get you extremely pumped 💪 I had to switch from night workouts to morning because it was keeping me up this has been the pest pre workout I have ever used

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