Liquid TUDCA – Save YOUR ORGANS! (60 Day SUPPLY!)


Liquid TUDCA – Save YOUR ORGANS! (60 Day SUPPLY!)

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■   Liver detoxification
■   Post anabolic cleanse

TUDCA is a liver cleansing compound. After using anabolic compounds, your heart and liver can become strained from the build up of toxins. Using TUDCA during post-cycle therapy can help purge toxins in your body and return your health levels similar to before the cycle started.

Instructions: Take 1 full oral syringe daily.

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To the anabolic user, the incorporation of TUDCA into any cycle regimen is important to help guard the body against side-effects. Over time, someone who has been using anabolics can put a serious strain on their liver. After anabolics pass through the liver, they are metabolized into toxic compounds that can damage the cells of the liver, leading to jaundice and serious liver disease. Anabolics can also inhibit the flow of bile from the liver, causing cholestasis. TUDCA has been shown to help bile flow and cleanse the liver.

TUDCA can also be useful during post-cycle therapy. After running an anabolic cycle, your heart and liver are sure to become strained. Continuing to cleanse your body during post-cycle therapy can help release built up toxins. This should help you feel better and return to healthy levels similar to before the cycle started. Those that blast and cruise can also take advantage of TUDCA, as it cleanses the liver rather effectively even during blast and cruise runs. In simple terms, it means more blasting and less cruising.


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  1. Ben Kroll (store manager)

    I had serious gallbladder inflammation a week ago. After 5 days on this supplement I am 90% better. Lymph is less stagnant as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good!

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